Welcome to Coffee Notes

Welcome to Coffee Notes, where you will find a symphony of flavours - freshly roasted and blended to perfection.

We stock a range of freshly roasted premium and specialty coffee beans.  Our carefully selected beans are artisan roasted to bring out the best flavour notes. Look out for coffee making equipment and accessories coming soon.

We courier our beans direct from our roastery to you with free delivery within South Africa on orders over R350.

Shop online or email us at order@coffeenotes.co.za to order your favourite roast.

Celebrate Heritage Month

Celebrate spring and Heritage month with a Coffee Notes variety pack, and receive a free unique handmade Heritage Day Shopping Bag made by Mangwana Accessories exclusively for Coffee Notes.

These trendy bags are hand-made with African Wax Print fabric, which are known for their colourful nature and vibrant patterns.

Each variety pack contains a 250g bag of Brazilian BaroqueColombian ConcertoEthiopian EtudeHonduran HarmonySilky Spiccato and Refined Rimshot

Don't miss out on having the trendiest shopping bag around... we only have a few in stock.

Spring Variety Pack with Free Heritage Day Bag
Spring Variety Pack with Free Heritage Day Bag
Spring Variety Pack with Free Heritage Day Bag
Spring Variety Pack with Free Heritage Day Bag

Spring Variety Pack with Free Heritage Day Bag

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Featured Roast

Honduras is a Central American country bordered by the Caribbean sea on its northern coast and the Pacific Ocean in the south. Every year, beans are harvested between the months of November and April, and it is estimated that two million Hondurans (that's more than 20% of the country's population!) work to harvest beans from the 90 million plus coffee trees cultivated throughout the country.

Due to its temperate and tropical climates, Honduras produces coffees which are typically medium bodied, with well balanced acidity and often described as fragrant with notes of vanilla or hazelnut.

August's featured roast is the Honduran Harmony and is a medium bodied coffee with a bright fruity aroma, flavours of lime, and a creamy chocolate aftertaste.

The Honduran Harmony is roasted from certified organic beans that have been processed using a wet processing method. 

For the month of September, get your Honduran Harmony at up to 12% off the regular price.

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