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Welcome to Coffee Notes

Welcome to Coffee Notes, where you will find a symphony of flavours - freshly roasted and blended to perfection.

We stock a range of freshly roasted premium and specialty coffee beans.  Our carefully selected beans are artisan roasted to bring out the best flavour notes and are available as beans or ground to suit your brewing method. We also stock a range of coffee making accessories.

We courier our beans direct from our roastery to you with free delivery within South Africa on orders over R350.

Shop online or email us at order@coffeenotes.co.za to order your favourite roast.

Featured Roast - March

We've chosen the Brazilian Baroque as the featured roast for March.

Coffee is huge in Brazil... and I mean literally. Brazil produces about 30% of the world's coffee, making it the biggest producer and exporter of coffee by a long way. As a result, Brazilian coffee often had a bad reputation for quantity over quality. This couldn't be further from the truth. 

Brazil has consistently produced distinctively high quality coffee, characterised by caramel and chocolate notes with a full body and relatively low acidity. The wide geographic spread of Brazil's coffee producing regions offer a diverse range of coffee varieties being cultivated: Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Icatú, Catuaí, Catucaí among the most popular.  

Brazil Santos is a term used to point to high quality Bourbon variety Arabica coffee. In fact, the name refers to the port in Brazil where coffee passed through, and was regarded as higher quality than "Brazilian coffee".  

Our Brazilian Baroque uses a blend of Brazil Santos coffee beans harvested between June and September 2019, and processed using a dry processing method. It is characterised by a nutty aroma, mild acidity and a full body with a slight cocoa aftertaste. 

The Brazilian Baroque roast is a medium dark roast designed for a great espresso. This roast forms a fantastic base for a milk based drink.  It's also a fantastic prepared in a plunger or Moka pot.

For the Month of March, get 10% off the price of any bag of Brazilian Baroque bought online. 

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