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Welcome to Coffee Notes

Welcome to Coffee Notes, where you will find a symphony of flavours - freshly roasted and blended to perfection.

We stock a range of freshly roasted premium and specialty coffee beans.  Our carefully selected beans are artisan roasted to bring out the best flavour notes. Look out for coffee making equipment and accessories coming soon.

We courier our beans direct from our roastery to you with free delivery within South Africa on orders over R350.

Shop online or email us at to order your favourite roast.

Roast of the Month

A rimshot is a drumming technique used to produce a sharper, brighter and more cutting sound by simultaneously hitting the rim and the head of the drum with the drumstick. The technique is very popular on the snare drum in rock, pop and blues music. 

We've blended our lightly roasted Ethiopian, medium roasted Colombian and medium-dark roasted Brazilian beans to give you a bright, sharp, full bodied coffee and named this blend after the rimshot drumming technique.

The Refined Rimshot is has a bright fruity aroma, mild acidity and a sharp full bodied finish. The Refined Rimshot is a blend designed especially for filter or pour-overs.

For the month of November, get your Refined Rimshot at up to 14% off the regular price.

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