Spice up your Valentine's Morning with an Indoor Picnic

By The Picnic Panda,

February 2021

This past year has been unlike any year we have experienced before. We've changed the way we do things and has created our new normal. We have learnt to really appreciate what have and whom we love. Simple pleasures like a stroll on the beach, a picnic at the park or even a trip to our favourite restaurants now seem so distant.

We've adjusted to these new lifestyle changes and made the choice to stay home and stay safe… But staying home can be frustrating and a dull at times, especially on those special occasions we used to celebrate with a  special dinner or breakfast out.

With Valentine’s Day being just around the corner we can still plan that perfect day for that special someone… and what could be a more exciting and intriguing start to the day than a picnic in the safety of your very own garden or living room? With just a few simple elements you can create a magical start to a special day filled with romance that you’ll cherish for years to come.

So here’s how you can set up your own romantic picnic in the comfort and safety of your living room, dining room or bedroom. Who wouldn’t want to transform what’s normally a boring old space in the middle of the home into a colourful picnic? 

Step 1: Setting the Mood

The bedroom floor is a perfect area to have the picnic, if only for the fabulous proximity to the bed... but of course any area of your home will work too. If you want to use your coffee table, throw a tablecloth over to soften the look

Look around your house for rugs, blankets, throws and fabric in different shades, patterns and textures. You will be surprised at what you can find. Mixing rather than matching is the key here to create those soft casual vibes. Spread a thin blanket, rug or throw on the floor, and place a few cute scatter cushions on it. Get hold of some roses, and pluck the petals off a few roses to scatter around to create a romantic feel. Place your cushions or pillows for seating in comfortable positions around your picnic spot. A few candles lit around the room will add to the romantic ambience (be careful not to place them in areas where they can be knocked over accidentally).

Adding the right lighting will transform any space. You can create a magical feel with some fairy lights. If you have a mosquito net, hang this from your ceiling and let it drape over and around your set up. This helps with hanging the fairy lights as they drape very well and fall into place around the net creating a warm glow. Even if you set up near a window with lots of natural light, casually draped fairy lights in just the right places create a mood for the magic to happen.

Fresh flowers bring any space to life, so make sure you have a bunch of flowers ready. You can buy them, or even pick fresh flowers from your garden and place them in a vase or jar to create the look and mood you want. Go for something pretty and soft… as long as they’re fresh, your options are endless.

Step 2: Setting up the Food

You’re going to need some cutlery and crockery, serviettes and placemats to set up a two place setting one across from the other. A few casually placed roses in the middle will add more good vibes to this setting

For your food, you want to keep it simple yet still have the sense of it being special and different. Cheese and crackers are a must have on your menu… You can get some brie and any of your other favourites at your local grocery store. You can include other delicious toppings like smoked salmon, some ham or pepperdews. Set the cheese and other toppings in the middle of a platter and scatter the crackers around it.  

Some freshly baked croissants and breads go perfectly with cheese and ham too! Alternatively, if you're into hot breakfasts, some scrambled eggs, toast and a few sausages are so easy to prepare. There are no rules here… and your imagination is your only limit. But you want this to be light.

Apart from the main food dish you will also want some freshly made coffee to get your picnic started, because what is a picnic is without a great cup of coffee? It’s best to be prepared here, so you don’t have to get up just to fetch coffee. A plunger and a pre-measured dose of ground coffee work out perfectly for this. Keep a flask of hot water on hand and add this to your plunger when you're ready to enjoy. If you’ve got a second plunger, why not keep that handy with a second dose of ground coffee too – because yu can’t have too much good coffee right?

And finally, there's nothing better than a bottle of bubbly to round off a romantic breakfast… so get yourself a bottle and some glasses, be sure to put the bubbly in the fridge beforehand so that it is chilled when you drink it. (pro-tip for keeping your bubbly cool throughout your breakfast is to keep it in an ice bucket and wrap up the top with a cloth).

Step 3: Enjoy!!

With everything prepared and arranged, you just need to lead that someone special to your picnic. Try using a blindfold for that extra dramatic touch, and make it a morning to remember (keep the blindfold… it may come in handy later too). Snap up a few photos, indulge in the decadent food you’ve prepared and just have fun.

An indoor picnic is a beautiful and unusual event that you’ll remember for a long time… the elegant simplicity and relaxed nature of it is a great way to get a special day started. 

...Or just outsource the prep work to the Picnic Panda

And if this all sound too daunting to set up and you're based in the Durban, contact the Picnic Panda and let them set it all up for you… they will even transform this into a lunch or dinner picnic with an elaborate meal to go with it…

So go ahead and try it out, or give the Picnic Panda a call and make it a day to remember.

The Picnic Panda is based in Durban, KZN and helps you make any occasion a truly special and unforgettable one, by doing the hard work for you, allowing you to be free to really enjoy the moment. They'll work together with you to put together a package that suits your tastes and your pocket, sourcing goods from local businesses, to bring you and extraordinary picnic experience.

Contact The Picnic Panda at: 

Email: thepicnicpanda@gmail.com

Tel: 065 825 7930


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