The Ultimate Coffee Notes Gift List

Does your dad say that he's pretty easy going and not too fussed about the gift he gets for Father's day? And yet, you know that when it comes to getting him a gift, it must be a truly magnificent gift.

After all he is the guy you've looked up to all your life. Remember the day he removed the training wheels off your bike, and taught you how to balance on your own? And the pride in his eyes when he taught you how to drive? Or how about that first time he took you to a cricket match? And those endless nights he stayed up pretending to work just so you didn't feel alone while you studied for your matric exams? He's been there through all your dance lessons, the soccer and netball matches, and music practice sessions. He's been your coach, and your biggest supporter, whether it's been a game of backyard cricket or high school rugby.

So with a lifetime of memories that turned you into who you are, it's only fitting that you get him the best Father's Day gift to show how much you appreciate him.

But shopping is never easy... Especially if he's the type that doesn't leave too many hints for you. We've got you covered with this compilation of gift ideas for the coffee loving dad, uncle, grandpa or any special guy in your life. So read on, and let us help you find the best Father's Day gift you can.

Oh, and if you're shopping for multiple dads, uncles and grandpas, don't worry... we've got plenty of budget friendly options that won't break the bank.

1. Espressily for you Moka Pot Gift Box

We've found that personalised gifts are always a winner. What's better than lifting a lid with your personalised message on a gift box containing a 3-cup Moka pot and your choice of coffee, shipped in a smart wooden box. Choose to send beans or ground coffee. We'll grind so it's just right for his brand new Moka pot.

Tell us what you want to say and we'll have it engraved for you.


Get it from R 449


2. Espressily for you Honduran Harmony Coffee Box

Some dads just simply love the coffee adventure... whether it's a morning filter, an afternoon cappuccino or a late night latte, he always has a cup in hand. The Honduran Harmony is great brewed as filter coffee or using a plunger and also makes an excellent espresso. Personalise your gift with your special message engraved on the box lid. Choose to send beans or ground coffee.

Add an extra bag of Colombian Concerto or Ethiopian Etude for R60 more

Get it from R 199


3. 1000 ml Eetrite Metalic Plunger

Is your dad a creature of habit who loves starting the day with a great French press? Why not give him an upgrade with this 1000ml French press that will tempt him into sharing his premium coffee with the whole family. 

Choose either a stylish metallic red or teal finish.

Hint: If you want to secure your spot as the favourite child, add a bag of 250g Coffee Notes Refined Rimshot blend. It's a favourite brewed in the French press.

Get it at R 199


4. Krups GVX2 Burr Grinder

Nothing beats the aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee! No matter how your dad prepares his coffee, a new grinder will make sure that his home barista skills are top notch. 

The Krups GVX2 burr grinder is a perfect combination of style and technology for any home barista. 



Get it at R 1149


5. 450 ml Milk Frother

Let dad unleash his inner barista with a milk frother to create that foamy crown of textured milk topping on his latte.

This super tool foams up milk in no time, and will take his coffee game to the next level - unplugged.




Get it at R 79


6. Bags of Coffee

So your dad already has all the coffee gadgets he needs? Give him a bag of Coffee Note beans, and he'll know exactly how much he means to you. Select from a range of single origin or blended coffees carefully roasted to suit any brewing preference and taste.

All coffees are available as beans (250g or 1kg) or ground coffee (250g).  

Choose from:
  • Whole Bean
  • Espresso (Fine grind also suitable for Moka Pot)
  • Filter (Medium-fine grind)
  • Plunger (Coarse grind)

Get it from R 59




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