About Coffee Notes

An Award Winning Artisan Coffee Roastery

Coffee Notes was started in 2019 to bring freshly roasted artisan roasted coffee to your door, so you can recreate the amazing café taste sensation in the comfort of your home or work. We select the most highly sought after green coffee beans from around the world and skillfully roast with with the greatest care to bring out the best from the coffee beans. Our skill was honed by combining our Roastmaster's engineering expertise and the magical art of coffee roasting, with training and knowledge gained from some of the industries' top people.

Since the beginning our focus was on utilising state of the art equipment for a consistent roasting style that is built to last. Our approach is to give attention to detail in every area and this is a core value for us. From sourcing coffee, training, roasting and brewing, we strive to give our Coffee Notes family the best coffee experience regardless of whether you enjoy it at our place or yours.

This approach of giving attention to detail in every area has won Coffee Notes the award of "Artisan Roastery of the Year" in the MEA African Excellence Awards.

Our Roasting Style 

We are roasting on a Genio 6 from Genio Roasters. Apart from being a proudly South African manufacturer, Genio Roasters has developed a roaster with a unique profiling system that ensures a consistent roast every time.

For us at Coffee Notes, roasting is a delicate balance between art and science. It is all about highlighting the subtle and unique flavour notes in the coffee that we have carefully sourced (the art), and then making sure we reproduce that to perfection roast after roast (the science). Every roast is cupped by our team to ensure consistency and quality.

With this in mind, we are continuously refining our roastery and investing in the latest roasting technology from our partners at Genio. 

Ethically Sourced

Coffee Notes strictly adheres to ethical sourcing.  We guarantee that our coffee adheres to international social, labour and environmental standards. All of our speciality coffee is 100% traceable and is rated according to stringent Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) standards. 

In addition, through our import partners we source a sizeable proportion of our coffee directly from small subsistence farmers. Directly supporting small coffee farmers enables them to provide jobs and livelihood support in their communities. Making a positive impact in society is a key value of Coffee Notes.

The Coffee Notes Taste Experience

Each coffee that we source goes through a strict process of developing a roast profile to ensure we are maximising the potential of the coffee and achieving the full taste potential of the coffee.

Visit our café where you will find a variety of origins roasted for your favourite brewing method. Take a time out at our slow bar and allow our baristas to spoil you with your choice of coffee and brewing method.

Our team is always happy to assist with any questions or share tips for brewing great coffee at home. 

We are dedicated to our product, our team and our visitors (online and in person at the roastery) and we love what we do!