Meet our Roastmaster


I am Shahen Naidoo, engineer come coffee roaster. I love Coffee, and want to share my love for this magical beverage with you through Coffee Notes (You can read more about this transition in my first blog post here). Join us on our journey from sustainably sourcing the highest quality green coffee beans, to carefully roasting the coffee beans and conveniently delivering to your doorstep.

Artisan coffee is all about experimentation and creativity.  When it is done well, roasting coffee beans is as much art as it is science, and combined with some wholesome passion, the process creates flavour and aroma for you to enjoy in every cup. Browse our collections of beans, and read through their backstories, or look through our collection of coffee equipment to help you prepare the perfect brew.  

A good cup of coffee starts at the farmer, who carefully cultivates the coffee plantations, before harvesting and having the fruit processed to reveal the beans - the beans that we see are in fact the seeds of the fruit or “cherry”.   The roaster (That’s me!) buys these green beans, and this is where science meets art to develop and blend the melodies of flavours in the coffee beans, before we deliver to you to enjoy your morning, afternoon or anytime brew.

And finally as you enjoy your coffee, spare a thought for the farmers, and everything else that has gone into the journey from coffee plantations to your cup, knowing that you have joined us in our commitment to making choices that promote social and environmental sustainability.