Café and Coffee Bar

Our Roastery Café is a place where you can feel at home. Friendly staff, the therapeutic ambient sound of milk frothing and the blissful wafts of coffee being ground or roasted will instantly transport you to your happy place!

Are you in the mood for a roastery tour? Perhaps a coffee tasting? Feel like slow bar drink? No matter what tickles your coffee fancy, we've got you covered!

Our Roastery Café was designed with our core principles in mind: transparency and empowerment. So if you have a few minutes to chat with us whilst you visit, you will definitely leave with a few nuggets of coffee knowledge.

All our coffees, brewing equipment, non-dairy milks and flavour enhancers are available for sale in our café.

So whether it's your home or ours, a visit to Coffee Notes will definitely redefine your coffee experience!

Pop by, we can't wait to see you!