Giving You the Best Coffee

We're all about giving you the best possible coffee. Coffee is an experience to be savoured, and whether you enjoy it at the end of a dining experience, a quick stop on a morning running route, during the rush to work, or even prepared at your own home, it always gives you that one moment of pleasure during which time stops.

When you work with Coffee Notes, you will be giving people exactly that.

Our Roaster

Our roastmaster has carefully developed each roast profile to get the best notes out of the bean. The unique profiling system on the Genio roaster, ensures that our roasts are consistent. We create individual roast profiles for your customers' taste.

Each coffee we roast goes through a strict process of developing a roast profile to ensure we are getting the best out of the coffee and achieving the full taste potential of the coffee.

Our entire team is committed to delivering quality, and our team and our customers love what we do.

Order in Bulk

Do you own a restaurant or café? We can supply you with coffee that is sure to keep your customers around for an extra cuppa.

Or do you have a team at the office who are fuelled by caffeine? Our coffee at your offices will have your team performing at their best, knowing that you're taking their wellbeing as seriously as you expect them to take care of your business.

Should you wish to order more that 5kg on a regular basis (at least twice a month), contact us for a quote that meets your specific needs.

Contract Roasting 

Do you want to create and launch your own coffee brand? Let us roast and package your coffee for you. We can design a roast profile that meets your needs. Our team will guide you through selecting the right beans and creating a roast profile before delivering a "ready for sale" batch of coffee to you. This leaves you free to focus all of your attention on your customers.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Resale of Coffee Notes Coffee

We are very protective over our Coffee Notes brand. You will not find the Coffee Notes brand at any of the mass retailers. We work extremely hard to make sure that our hand crafted artisan coffees are of the finest quality. With this in mind, we are extremely selective about who resells our products. 

If you feel that you can represent the artisanal ethos captured in our brand, contact us about resale opportunities.

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