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6-Cup Ibili Bahai Aluminium Moka Pot

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6-Cup Ibili Bahai Aluminium Moka Pot

Ibili takes Spanish passion to whole new level with the Bahai range of moka pots. This stove top Aluminium moka pot delivers 6 espresso sized shots of coffee.

Simply fill the lower chamber with water, put in some finely ground coffee in the upper chamber, and place on your stove top or on an open flame. Within minutes, delicious bubbling cups of strong coffee will fill up the pot. Pour into espresso cups, or into a long cup and add hot water for an Americano.

The pressure release valve at the top of the lower chamber regulates the pressure to make sure water is delivered to the ground coffee at the right pressure for a consistent drink every time.

Use it in your kitchen or take it outdoors with you - it's a great addition to your camping or hiking gear to make sure you never have to compromise on good quality coffee.

Available in a traditional metallic finish.

Not dishwasher safe.

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