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Eetrite 1500ml Cold Brew Coffee Pot

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Eetrite 1500ml Cold Brew Coffee Pot

This is the perfect coffee gadget for our blazing summer days. Cold brew is not your typical cup of coffee. Instead of brewing your coffee in hot water, allow it to steep for 5-18 hours at room temperature or in your fridge... and the result is an amazingly smooth, refreshing coffee drink. With your Eetrite Cold Brew Coffee Maker you will never have to endure another watery or bitter cold coffee drink again.

It's really as simple as placing some ground coffee in the metal filter, filling up the jug with cool water and steeping the mixture in the fridge overnight. The next day you remove the filter with the used coffee grounds, leaving you with a concentrate (it's strong, so you'll want to dilute it either in water or milk as you serve). Cold brew can be served right away or stored for up to two weeks.

Cold brew coffee also makes a great addition to summer coffee cocktails. Use your Cold Brew Coffee Maker to up your summer entertaining game with a refreshing caffeine-giving drink.

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