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Russel Hobbs 140W Burr Grinder

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Russel Hobbs 140W Burr Grinder

Make sure you never need to buy ground coffee again. Give your coffee beans the treatment they deserve with a Russel Hobbs coffee grinder.

The grind size of coffee is by far the most important factor in any coffee making method. Too coarse for your brew method, and you under extract resulting in a sour, quick finish. Too fine, and you end up with a whole other type of awfulness in your mouth that's full of bitter sludge. You need a grind level that is just right for your chosen brewing method.

It's always best, no matter what brewing method you use to grind your coffee just before using with a burr grinder. Nothing beats the aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee!

The stylish Russell Hobbs 140 watt burr grinder is a perfect addition to add style to a coffee lover's kitchen.


  • 140W (perfect for domestic use)
  • 100g grinding capacity (you need about 60g for a 1000ml plunger)
  • Adjustable coarseness setting

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