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Signature Collection 2 of 8

Signature Collection 2 of 8

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Coffee Notes Signature Collection Captures everything that matters to us most in a bag of beans. This exclusive collection features unique and flavourful coffees that we have sourced from around the world and expertly roasted to bring out its most desirable attributes. 

Treat yourself to the second in our exclusive Signature Collection! Signature Collection 2 of 8 is a micro lot speciality coffee sourced from Burundi! 

Enjoy the profiles of each coffee in our Signature Collection as they were meant to be experienced.


Origin: A washed coffee from Burundi, East Africa. 

Tasting Notes: A medium bodied, single origin African Arabica, with bright acidity, juicy blackberry flavour notes and distinct grapefruit in the aftertaste. 

Brewing: The medium body and fruity notes make this a good coffee for the pourover methods. Only available in 250g bags as beans or ground coffee (250g). Choose from:

Whole Bean
Espresso (Fine grind also suitable for Moka Pot)
Filter (Medium-fine grind)
Plunger (Coarse grind)

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