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Women in Coffee

Women in Coffee

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Discover the Essence of "Women in Coffee"

Pacayal Coffee, a cooperative in Honduras, is known for producing some of the finest quality coffee beans. Pacayal Coffee has implemented a gender empowerment programme in 2015, where women have in addition to becoming true coffee entrepreneurs, become the key role players in all areas of Honduran business and commerce.

This month, we have secured a limited quantity of the coffee produced by various smallholder women farmers, processed and exported by Pacayal. 

"Women in Coffee"  pays tribute to the extraordinary women who play an integral role in cultivating and nurturing the finest coffee beans in Honduras. This unique blend embodies the dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment that these women bring to every step of the coffee-making process. This coffee is grown and processed entirely by women farmers.


Origin: A washed coffee from Honduras, Central America. 

Tasting Notes: A medium bodied Honduran coffee with notes of berry, brown sugar, cocoa, and caramel.

Brewing: A pour-over method will highlight the delicate notes in this special coffee. But regardless of your preferred brewing method, enjoy as a celebration of the truly remarkable women in coffee. 

Only available in 250g bags as beans or ground coffee (250g). Choose from:

Whole Bean
Espresso (Fine grind also suitable for Moka Pot)
Filter (Medium-fine grind)
Plunger (Coarse grind)

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