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Tanzanian Tango

Tanzanian Tango

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Origin: AA grade single original arabica beans from the Mamsera district of the Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania grown at altitude of 1400 to 1700m.

Tasting Notes: A medium bodied, single origin East African Arabica with a sweet citrus aroma, medium citric acidity, and a chocolate and nutty aftertaste.

Brewing: This coffee makes a great espresso, especially for milk based drinks. It does work well with the plunger or pour-over brewing methods too.

Tanzanian Tango is only available in 250g packages, as beans or ground coffee. Choose from:

Whole Bean
Espresso (Fine grind also suitable for Moka Pot)
Filter (Medium-fine grind)
Plunger (Coarse grind)

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